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Bare ownership or right of use and inhabit:

Le Monde du Viager : la vente avec réserve ou la nue propriété

These two typologies are neither more than an occupied life annuity. These forms of life annuity are the only life annuity “forms” that can be financed by a bank loan. Indeed, the property, object of the sale is not mortgaged because the sum lump and the monthly annuities are capitalized in a single sum called “economic value of the good”. This sum will be paid by the purchaser at the time of the authentic deed of sale by the notary’s accounts.

These formulas also make it possible to remove the random nature of the life annuity.

The main difference between the OCCUPIED LIFE ANNUITY WITHOUT MONTHLY PAYMENTS AND THE BARE OWNERSHIP lies in the fact that in the first, the annuitant can rent the property in the event of abandonment of its possession. In the second version, he only has the right to use it and as such he can not rent the property if he leaves his home.